Eric Morillo in Trilogy last night

We've been there. Evening was cool. Motorola organized event as promotion of Pink RASR V3 phone, I do not like it at all, still thing that black is better. Anyway, thanks to our friend Marina, we entered the rooftop (btw. best open space in Dubai for going out) where VIP party was on and you needed invitation to go there. Great atmosphere, great music, live saxophone mixed with jazz/funky tunes. Crew was so/so, more VIP wannabes than real VIPs. After midnight we decided to go down and see Morillo. We finally entered the elevator, and when we go out on a floor where he was performing, I realized that he is really a star (I'm not much in that techno music world). Place was packed and people obviously had great time. All in all, very nice atmosphere, except music. I simply do not like that kind of music. Also I prefer ones that ACTUALLY MAKE MUSIC, not ones that PLAYS it. So decided to spend rest of the evening home.

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